This is what I look like before coffee...2013 marks the start of a grand new adventure for me.  I’m out of school for the first time ever.  Between primary and secondary education, I’m sitting at 16-years of continuous education with nothing but a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering to show for it.  That’s it.

When I started college, I was “promised” a few things.  First and foremost, I was promised 100% job-placement.  I was also promised my pick of career path.  They neglected to mention that the job market was on the decline.  And with engineering becoming more and more popular – largely due in part to the high rate of job placement and the buckets of money that you’re told you can get – there are less and less jobs and more and more market competition.  Next thing you know, you’re temp-to-hire and the job is being liquidated before your very eyes.

There are three things in this world that I’m fantastic at: blowing things up, drinking fine beers, and cooking.  It’s a niche market.  While I navigate the job market, it was suggested I take up blogging.  What will I blog about?  Cooking?  Eating?  Chemistry?  Beer?  Bourbon?  Definitely bourbon…

If you have questions about any of those things, drop me a line and I’ll happily do my best to answer.

-N. Tesla


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