On My Health and Fitness


It was a weird day last December.  I was sitting with a female friend of mine and I suddenly realized that this girl was under half my size.  I was sitting pretty at 330-lbs.  I was a giant!  I was wearing a 44×32 pant and a 2XLT shirt.  Now, at 6’2″, I have never been a small man.

I tell you that to tell you this.  I never thought I was skinny, but I never thought I was fat.  So I made a decision.  I am going to lose 50+ lbs in 2013.  This was going to be my new years resolution.  So on January 1st (after I shook off my hangover) I decided to start working out.  I picked up my dumbbells and started lifting.  Bicep curls, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, and bent-over row.  A week in, I realized something else: dude, your legs need work, too.  This working out thing is going to be more difficult than I imagined.

So I start in with body weight exercises.  I’m going to do squats and leg lifts.  This works for a week and I start thinking about the total body package.  I need to add back in my least favorite exercise of all time: push ups.  Now, due to a series of bad decisions concerning my health over the years, I hate to admit, I can’t do a push up.  Not one.  I have to start on my knees like a sissy man.  My friends delight in making fun of me for this – but I’m the one working out while they sit on the couch and eat ice cream.  In retrospect, I occasionally get jealous of that.

Fitness isn’t easy.  There’s a whole wide world of understanding that I don’t have.  Eating to meet my goals, between weight loss and body building, and working to actually build a workout and a lifestyle I can eat and live for the rest of forever.  This is not a diet.  This is a total life transformation.  This is changing everything about me.  I hope to be able to report excellence here on my blog.  In addition to my blog, you are welcome to follow my life transformation via Fitocracy (the online fitness tracker).



2 responses to “On My Health and Fitness

  1. I’m in the middle of the exact same thing. It feels really good once you start shedding weight. Good luck, sir

  2. I lost 30 lbs when I stopped eating meat. Easiest thing I ever did to lose weight.

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